Riko Meets Johnny: It’s Here!

Well, things are starting to happen for good or ill. My erotic tale, The Futanari Tales No. 1: Riko Meets Johnny, went live today on Smashwords and Amazon. Exciting, to say the least, although there is still much to do, not the least of which is starting on tale number two. I’ve already got a working title: And Lucy Makes Three.

Here is the cover, by the way, which went through some last minute alterations.

Riko Meets Johnny
Riko Meets Johnny

There is only one file type avaialable for Smashwords for the moment and that’s epub, which should be good for most devices; if you need mobi you’ll have head over to Amazon. I plan of having more file types available later, though.

So what the hell: here is a little free sample behind the cut. And let’s be clear, just in case someone hasn’t gotten the hint yet: this is erotica; if that offends you, please leave while your virgin eyes are just that. Continue reading “Riko Meets Johnny: It’s Here!”