About Fayme Lacasse

Hello, it’s me, Fayme Lacasse. I’m a writer of erotic fiction; if it involves something beyond the standard girl and boy meet and have sex à la the missionary position, I’ve probably written about it, at some point. Leave no stone left unturned — or poked, prodded, whipped, licked, suckled, etc.

Fayme LacasseShow me a kink; I’ll show you a story.

In my previous life I slaved, so to speak, for a number of years writing and editing for technical and trade publications here in the States — both in print and online — that you have never heard of, most likely. That was followed by living abroad for several years, freelancing and teaching English.

After living in places all across the globe, from Burbank to Bangkok and points in between, I’ve settled in the American Midwest, where the rent is cheap but you can still get an acceptable cappuccino, and the weather has four actual seasons that change every three months.

You can email me: fayme at fayme lacasse dot com (without the spaces and with an “at” symbol instead of just “at”).  Or just leave a comment. 😉

Ta for now.

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